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Show YouTube comments in Real Time!

Months ago I got an idea. I love to watch YouTube videos, there are awesome contents there, the channel VSauce is one of the best in my opinion — a channel related to science and human science.

What I really like about YouTube, is people ideas or observations. When someone notice something in a video or have an idea, he leaves a comment. When a video is popular, there are lots of comments, so some comments will probably remain unread, even if it is a relevant one. And sometimes funny comments.

I got an idea that allows to see some comments while watching a video, it's simple : showing comments at a specific time on the top of the video. But it's obviously not all comments, it only shows comments that have a time marker such as "2:01" — two minutes and one second.

Then, here is the Chrome extension that shows YouTube comments in real time : ComonComr

It's useful and it can be fun!

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