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1/0 Machine Learning

The first topic of this article series will be Machine Learning, a wide one.

I have a computer science degree, but my classes were more practical than thoeritical. I know how machines work but I've basic knowledge on maths, Machine Learning requires good maths skills.

I chose Machine Learning as the first subject because it's kinda the future (actually it's the present) and because I've always dreamt of building an artificial intelligence (AI). Well, there is no method to build a true AI as we see in movies, that's what I wanted to do with my very limited knowledge back in time... A real naive eh!

BTW, I wont build HAL9000, yet

The first goal of this serie will be to understand and be able to explain the maths behind Machine Learning. It probably won't cover every methods as I know there are some, so I will focus on the common ones.

I made a video about Deep Learning months ago (it's in French).

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